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Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine specializes in treating workplace injuries and illnesses. We stay up to date on state and federal level regulations such as Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure you are getting the best quality care. We also work closely with employers to maintain health and safety for employees on the job. 

Dr. Penix & Amanda Yanska

Dependable Communication

We maintain consistent and seamless communication with key components in a patient's care-employer, employee, other clinicians, and payors. 

Effective Treatments

At our facility, patients have the option of durable medical equipment (DME) dispensed and ordered by our team. We also focus on intervention by promoting Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care.

Cooperation between Clinics

We work with other providers and specialties in the area to ensure you are receiving efficient, standardized care in all aspects of your treatment. 

Prompt Appointment Openings

We do our best to ensure our patients are getting appointments and receiving care within 2 weeks of injury to begin recovery and return back to work as quickly as possible.

An Empathetic and Personal Approach

We strive to treat people; not just injuries or conditions. We want you to be able to perform your job duties to the best of your quality of life possible following the treatment of your injury. 

Northwest Medical Group educates our injured workers on returning to work and invest in returning to normal function and recovery to sustain a comfortable life.

50% of employees who are out of work for more than 30 days, never return to the workforce.

With our approach of pursuing any job duty possible that an injured employee can perform during their injury, this allows them to return to work faster.
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