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Physical Therapy
Massage Therapy

New Services!

  • Physical Therapy | Massage Therapy

  • Activity Coaching with PGAP

Our clinic now offers:

  • Physical and massage therapy services tailored to workers' compensation cases.


  • ​Activity Coaching with PGAP is a structured, evidence-based activity coach intervention specifically created to reduce or prevent disability associated with workplace injuries or illnesses.


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About Us

Our privately owned clinic in Moses Lake, WA, specializes in treating occupational injuries and diseases.  We are passionate about medicine and committed to ensuring that you receive unbiased and trustworthy care. 

Comprehensive services
for all your work-related healthcare needs.

Treatment of injuries that happened at work.

Includes pre-placement screening, workplace drug screening, and random drug and alcohol testing.

Government-mandated insurance program. It protects both you and your employer after a work-related injury. It generally ensures injured employees receive medical care and wages following a workplace injury.

An active approach to fast healing.

Employee physicals or physicals for work are designed to keep employees safe and healthy on the job.  We provide a wide variety of physicals, including DOT physicals, fit-for-duty physicals, pre-employment physicals, and other physicals.

Patient Testimonials

George M, Moses Lake

"I've been under the care of this medical establishment for approximately 9 months.
I've receive nothing but EXCELLENT CARE from Dr. Penix and his staff. Dr. Penix, and his staff put you first above all else. They are easy to get a hold of. Easy, convenient and quick to schedule appointments. They will answer any questions you may have and WILL NOT just blow you off like many other doctors do. They don't rush the appointment and will spend as much time as necessary with you. Their communication is EXCELLENT and THEY WILL HELP YOU BATTLE L&I IF NECESSARY. The staff ( Dr. Penix, Amanda, Nurses, and Receptionists )are exceptionally talented, SKILLED, FRIENDLY and PATIENT! They WILL DO ANYTHING THEY CAN to make sure that you get the best care, and if necessary, the BEST SURGEON for your condition, especially if your willing to travel.
THE BIGGEST MISTAKE that I MADE was allowing Anthony Chambers to treat me as long as he did!"
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